Mela and Don share their journey as they make conscious decisions to live a more healthy, environmentally friendly life together.

We are currently converting a 40-foot Bus into a tiny home on wheels.  Our bus was a school bus, we don't think we can legitimately call it a skoolie.  We’ve choosen to customize our own MCI into our dream tiny home on wheels and learn about small space design on the job!

Bus Build: Building Walls for our Bus Conversion – S03E21
With our ceilings prepped, the first layer of insulation and furring strips installed, we needed to make a plan for[...]
Bus Build: Installing Furring Strips -S03E20
We are at the stage in the bus build where we find ourselves juggling multiple jobs at the same time.[...]
Bus Build: Installing CeraTex for Insulation in our Bus Conversion – S03E19
We chose to use CeraTex, a ceramic fiber paper insulation, as our first layer of insulation.  This is commonly used[...]
Bus Build: Which Insulation is Right for our Bus Conversion? – S03E18
Insulating our bus well to ensure it is comfortable to live in is our current priority.  I’m glad we were[...]
Bus Build: Custom TV Lift Cabinet • FREE Plans – S03E17
With the stay at home orders in place for the pandemic, we found ourselves waiting for supplies to arrive by[...]
Bus Build: Fan Install on Curved Bus Conversion Roof – S03E16
To help ventilate our bathroom we chose the Maxxfan Deluxe by Maxxair.​It has an intake and exhaust fan, an electric[...]
Bus Build: Removing the Air Conditioning Unit of our Bus Conversion – S03E15
When you are doing a bus conversion there are a million jobs to be done.  You really want to do[...]
Bus Build: How we made Custom Skylights for $72 Each for our Bus Conversion – S03E14
We looked into various options for skylights and decided to try our hand at a very inexpensive DIY approach using[...]
Bus Build: Creating a Skylight in Our Bus Conversion – S03E13
We were quite nervous about cutting holes in our roof, especially since we have been dealing with leaks over the[...]
Bus Build: Virtual Bus Conversion Tour of our Working Floor Plan – S03E12
Having spent a month traveling, we were excited to get back into the bus and get down to work.  We[...]
Choosing a Bus for Conversion, Tag, Title & Legal – How We Did It
As we have been sharing our journey in converting our 1996 MCI D3 Coach Bus we have been asked a[...]
Bus Build: Ceiling Prep & Battling the Elements – S03E11
We knew that converting our bus outside in the Midwest would present some weather obstacles. In the summer we had[...]
Bus Build: Planning the Floor Layout for our Bus Conversion Tiny Home – S03E10
Our original bus floors were made of ¼ inch plywood and in order to keep the engine hatch (at the[...]
14 Small Space Design Ideas for Our Bus Conversion
[tcb-script async="" defer="" crossorigin="anonymous" src=""][/tcb-script]As we work to plan out the layout of our bus conversion, we reflect back on[...]
Bus Build: 8 Bus Conversions That Have Inspired Our Design – S03E09
We have been looking at other people’s bus conversion on YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest and more for a few years now. [...]
Bus Build: Paint the Roof – S03E08
The weather is fast changing in the Midwest and with Winter approaching we decided we should get outside of the[...]
Back in the Bus: Building our Floor Extension – S03E07
Coming back to the bus build post honeymoon, we had to attack the problem we left behind.  We had to[...]
A Break from the Bus Build: Honeymoon in South Africa and Paris – S03E06
We didn’t want our time in Crete to come to an end, but we were excited for our next destination[...]

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