Mela and Don

We are sharing our journey as we convert a 40 foot MCI Bus
into our tiny home on wheels

Huge Thanks to our Partners and Collaborators

We are so thankful for the help from our family, our friends, our supports on Patreon and the companies that have partnered with us to help us turn our tiny home dream into a reality thus far.  Check out our resources page with links to all the supplies we have used building out our bus conversion.

Building a Tiny Home on Wheels

Over a year ago, we bought a bus and left our professional lives in the big city. We are currently building out the interior of our 40’ MCI D3 bus into our dream tiny home on wheels.

Learning new skills each week, we are sharing this part of the journey in our "Making a Bus a Home" playlist on YouTube.

Major Modifications for our Mobile Home

In order to make our bus work as our home, we need to make some crucial modifications building skylights, adding new floors, walls and insulation as well as removing all the factory windows, re-skinning the bus with metal and then adding insulated windows.

We shared the preparation for the build in our  "The Bus Build" playlist on YouTube..

Preparing for Our Bus Conversion

Many people convert buses to RVs for weekend getaways but we had something more intensive in mind. Demoing the bus down to the bones we restored rusty metal to start with a clean slate.

We shared each step of this tiring process in our  "Bus Demolition" playlist on YouTube.

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