With our culture, community and country's sluggish move towards green energy and sustainable policies, we have decided to document our journey as we try our hand at a lifestyle makeover.

We're not eco-experts but consider ourselves pretty average American consumers. 

We are starting our journey as a 2-car, 3-cat, big-city-dwelling couple.

Over the years we have had hopes and dreams of . . . . tiny house living, organic farming, earthship adventures, bee keeping, cyborgism, travel, and passing on a planet with clean air and fresh water to the next generations.

Our hope is that by sharing our experiences we encourage others to try small changes in their lifestyle. Collectively our small changes can have a big impact.

Mela is a modern dancer, Pilates teacher and former co-owner of Westwood Pilates.

Don works as a composer creating music for media and hosting the music technology site Sample Library Review.

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