Fold Down Dining Table for our Bus Conversion – S04E52

We had a couple planks left of ash wood, just like we had used for the kitchen countertops. We decided to use this for a fold down table in our kitchen.  Building a dinette in this space felt like it would eat up space.  With a fold down table we could use it to eat meals, work on a laptop or just fold it out the way when we don’t need it. 

We have ottomans which will serve many functions - storage, coffee table, foot rest and a seat for our fold down table.

Without the use of Richard’s wood workshop, we did what we could with our friend Josiah’s hand planer and belt sander to level and smooth out our planks.  We had no joiner either so we did our best to create a 90 degree joint between the planks with the hand planer and belt sander.

With no biscuit plate joiner we decided to just use kreg pocket holes instead. It’s really the glue that holds it together and no one will ever see the underneath side of the table.  It was hard to clamp it flat without the right clamps, so our joint wasn’t as good as our countertops but it was something we could work with.  Having the right tools makes all the difference.

I (Mela) spent a lot of time sanding down the table until you could no longer feel the join between the 2 planks and then used Rubio Monocoat to stain the table, just as we did for our countertops.

We will be using Folding Shelf Brackets to secure the table to the metal frame of the bus, however we can’t install the table until we have built the entrance to the cat’s room.


Up Next
We build the entrance and ramp into the cat’s litter box room

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Folding Shelf Brackets
These heavy duty folding brackets can lock at 90 degrees and hold a load of up to 400 lbs. When you want to fold the table, simply press the relaxation arm.

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