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One of the biggest differences in renovating a house on wheels, compared to a stationary sticks and bricks house, is that you need to secure everything well for traveling. Kitchen cabinets are notorious for flying open when you turn or hit a pothole. Finding a way to lock your cabinets is necessary, but putting exterior locks on your cabinets is not aesthetically pleasing, not to mention time consuming to lock each cabinet before hitting the road.

Which is why we were so pleased when we discovered RV Labs Finger Pull Locking Latches.

Their minimal modern design both looks good and works well. 

These latches come with a catch you mount into your cabinet to catch the latch and lock the cabinet. When you pull to open the cabinet, it unlocks the latch. When you close your cabinet, it automatically locks.

If you are building your own cabinetry you can design your cabinet joinery to fit the latches, if you are using pre-made cabinets, like us, you may have to make some modifications to make them fit. 

RV Labs have a video explaining how to install these latches here.

We had to add a striker plate between our drawers in order to have something to mount the catch into and then used a 1 ¼ inch forstner bit to cut out the hole for the catch to sit into the striker plate. All that is required to fit the pull between the drawers is a ⅛ inch or 3 mm gap. 

For the top drawer, because of the position of the drawer to the cabinet itself (there is no gap, our drawers and doors overlapped the cabinet at the top), we had to cut out space for the pull and latch mechanism to fit before making the hole for the catch.

RV Labs is an Australian company who have partnered with distributors Expedition Upfitter in North America, and TomTur in Europe making shipping easier for you.

We couldn’t be more pleased with these locking latches.  They fit our kitchen design so well and now we know we can travel down the road with our cabinets securely locked.


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RV Labs Stainless Steel Finger Pull

They also come in a variety of finishes, including matte black, copper, gold and white.  

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