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The last major project to complete in our bus build was plumbing. Yvan and Sylvie had helped us recently to mount our components (pump, pressure tank, filter etc) to a board/wall and devise a plan to install this to our water tanks. Now it was time to put this into action.

We had our welder come over and weld a metal tank to house both the fresh and grey water tank.  We sandwiched them together with foam board insulation on one side, treated plywood on the other and a rubber mat between the tanks. We then mounted the component water board to the front of the tanks making them easily accessible.

We were now able to run our PEX cold and hot pipes into the house and drain pipes to the waste/grey tank.  We tested the plumbing first with air pressure, finding leaks first by using an air compressor to run air pressure through the lines and check connections by spraying soapy water on them.  If there was an air leak, then the soap would bubble. 

Don had seen other YouTubers say they found that PTFE paste was better to use on a moving vehicle, so that is what we chose to go with.  However, every time we found a leak it was on threads we had sealed with the paste.  When we removed the paste and changed it to teflon tape, the leaks were gone.  We are not plumbers, but that was our experience with paste vs tape.  Plus the tape is a whole lot less messy!

We have been really excited to try out the Acuva Arrow 5 UV-LED Water Purifier System. It was super easy to install and guarantees us safe drinking water wherever we are on our travels. The UV-LED technology kills up to 99.9999% of bacteria & viruses.  It also has a pre-filter which removes lead, heavy metals, chlorine, mercury and other contaminants. 

We were really impressed with how this improved the taste and odor of the water.  We have well water here at the house we are staying at during the bus build and it is stinky!  Using the Acuva purifier completely changed the taste and odor of the water, it tasted clean.

This filter gives us peace of mind as we travel, but two other things we love about our Acuva is that it takes up very little space (very important in a tiny home) and  requires very little maintenance. The Arrow 5 is their biggest system with an Advanced Pre-filter which lasts up to 4,000 gallons (15,141 litres)  which should last 6 to 12 months depending on how much water you drink. 

With running water and safe drinking water, we are now ready to move into our bus.


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We scramble to put in a few finishing touches before moving day.

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Acuva UV-LED Water Purification System

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