Selecting a Our Tow System for Our Jeep

For our MCI D3 Bus Conversion

So many options . . .

Being able to tow our Jeep behind us so we could easily get around town, visit forest service roads and drive into national parks has always been on our dream list for our bus conversion. 

There are several companies making quality tow systems but after asking around our circle of RVers and Bus Conversion friends, one company kept coming up: Blue Ox.

Investing in a tow system is no small undertaking, so after careful consideration with safety and reputation as the most important considerations we went with a complete Blue Ox Tow system.

I'll include links to each components we used for our TOAD if you would like to see what we chose.

Our Tow System Components

For our sanity, we added 3 back up cameras by purchasing a Backup Camera System Kit

You won't be making any Hollywood production movies with this inexpensive cameras system but it works just fine for us to see clearly on the left and right sides as well as a over head view of our jeep while we are towing it.

Having 3 cameras gives me that extra piece of mind when changin lanes on the free way or navigating sharp turns so we can make sure the Jeep isn't driving up on the curve. 

We got our Backup Camera System Kit on amazon. 

In this video, we briefly show setting up our tow system.

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