Upper Kitchen Cabinets//BUS CONVERSION – S04E46

Last week we built our upper kitchen cabinet that sits up into the curved ceiling. We were confident in building this cabinet as we had already made a cabinet to fit the curved ceiling in our bedroom.  With the aid of the flexible curve template this went really smoothly.

Before leaving for our winter vacation, we installed our bottom Rev-a-Shelf pull out, it was now time to build a cabinet around it and install the rev-a-shelf spice pantry above it.

As always nothing is square in the bus and our bathroom wall was not a perfect straight line either.  We used a piece of cardboard to scribe the slight angle to build our cabinet for the rev-a-shelf.  Installing the rev-a-shelf was as simple as screwing it into the base and now we have made wonderful use of this extra 5 inches we had between the kitchen cabinets and the fridge.

We then wired up the outlets for the kitchen and bathroom with GFCI outlets. Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter outlets have their own trip switches so if any water gets into the outlet it will automatically trip.

With our bathroom being so tiny, we set our electrical box into the kitchen and made boxes against the kitchen wall (we have more space in the kitchen) to house both the kitchen and bathroom outlets.

When we came to building our 3rd upper kitchen cabinet we realized we had done a poor job in designing this area.  We had made it very difficult to access the electrical box.  We switched up our plan and turned it into open shelving to make sure we can always access the electrical box easily. 


Problems arise like this, especially when you are first time builders, so being flexible to change your plan is always necessary.  The bus will always provide limits to your creativity.  Sometimes what seem like great ideas aren’t practical.  But making sure wires are accessible for future repairs is better than boxing things in.


Up Next
We get started on the finishing touches for the kitchen, but the week takes a turn.

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Tamper Resistant GFCI Outlets
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