Advice from our Van, Skoolie and Bus Conversion friends on the Interior Build – S04E01

Before we started building out the interior of our bus we reached out to a few friends who have done more than one conversion and have experience living in a tiny home on wheels whilst traveling full time for advice. 

In episode 1 we share their advice on interior builds.

We gathered information and inspiration from various nomads on YouTube traveling in vans, skoolies, buses, RV’s and boats over the years. We have gained a lot from these three channels and I’m sure you will too.

Ben of Kombi Life

Ben has been traveling for over 10 years.  He learned a lot from his first Kombi, CoPito, as he traveled from Chile to Alaska, so he made some major upgrades on his 2nd Kombi, Boomerang as he prepared to travel across the world. 

His adventure series are a lot of fun to watch, but he has some helpful playlists too if you are planning your own conversion:

Vanlife// Tips, Advice and Hacks on How to Live the Vanlife

Van Build Series: Building a Van to Drive around the World

He has loads of great content though, so go explore his channel here:



Justin of Gilligan Phantom

Justin converted his 40ft skoolie and has been traveling in it with his family full time.  We find his bus conversion videos to be very helpful as we research different stages of each project.

Check out the Gilligan Phantom School Bus Conversion Playlist

He has also begun sharing tours of other Mobile Dwellings, which is always great for gathering ideas - Gilligan Phantom Presents Mobile Dwellings

He is currently helping with a skoolie build for a friend, you can see the progress on Instagram

Or enjoy his travel content and more on YouTube

Yvan of Lacroix Cruiser

We met Yvan and Sylvie about a year ago, they are an extremely friendly and helpful couple who are currently completing their third bus conversion. What has been so great about this friendship for us is that their current conversion is an MCI much like ours.

They have documented their conversion here: MCI 102DL3 Renovation

The are a wealth of knowledge and have recently started creating an FAQ series, look out for more videos from them like this one: Choosing your ride, Bus Conversion FAQ’s

Browse their playlists on YouTube 

Or follow them on Instagram


Up Next
We start our interior build at the back of the bus, building out our closet.

By Mela & Don

Mela and Don are sharing their journey as they make conscious decisions to live a more healthy, environmentally friendly life together.

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