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By Mela & Don | Bus Conversion

With the stay at home orders in place for the pandemic, we found ourselves waiting for supplies to arrive by delivery. Not to worry though, while some projects were at a standstill, there are always others to be done.  We decided to tackle a project that we have been excited to get going for a while now - our entertainment center and fireplace cabinet.

We were gifted the Touchstone Recessed Electric Fireplace for our wedding and have been using it inside the house.  It kept us nice and cozy during the cold Midwest winter nights so we have no doubt it will do the same in our tiny house on wheels. We were inspired by other bus conversion/RV renovation designs who had built in an electric fireplace with a TV lift behind it.  This design is perfect for our needs, to hide the TV during the day and not the views out the window yet have a TV accessible for Movie nights or as a monitor for a standing desk.

Big thanks to our friends at Touchstone for collaborating with us and sending us the SRV 32800 Pro TV Lift to make our dream entertainment center in our dream tiny home. It holds up to a 50" TV and up to to 175 lb. It has a safety stop to detect if there is an obstruction, so your TV will never get damaged by accident, and extends just over 55 inches by using I of the 3 remotes provided.

Don used the 3D modeling software Fusion 360 to design our cabinets. It’s definitely not an easy program to learn but very helpful. Using this software, he made a very elaborate document breaking down the cabinet into modular parts and a detailed cut list.  Sign up below to download the Tv Lift and Fireplace Cabinet Blueprint PDF if you’d like to copy our entertainment center.

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We are thrilled with how the cabinet came out and are feeling much more confident now as we plan to make all our kitchen cabinets, murphy bed and wardrobe ourselves too. To finish the cabinet cabinet, we plan to make the face of the entertainment center match our kitchen cabinets. We also plan to have a seemless countertop that expands from our Tv Lift/Fireplace cabinet across our kitchen cabinets as well . Once we have finished our walls in the bus we will bring the cabinet inside, mount it to the bus walls and complete the finished look. So let’s get those walls built!


Up Next
In order to get our walls and ceiling built, we need to make some decisions on insulation. The one gift this pandemic has given us, is lots of time to research the options.

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Touchstone Pro TV Lift
For 50-inch TVs and smaller. Full extended height: 55.125 inches. Advanced technology including RS232, soft start and stop, safety stop up and down, and 3 remotes (wired & wireless RF and IR). 


Touchstone Recessed Electric Fireplace
The Sideline 40 allows you to change the heat, flame intensity and color using your electric fireplace remote. It is simple to set up, easy to use and has kept us warm so far during a Midwest Winter living in a basement!



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