Bus Build: Creating a Skylight in Our Bus Conversion – S03E13

We were quite nervous about cutting holes in our roof, especially since we have been dealing with leaks over the past week, but it was time to face our fears. 

There are different ways to install a skylight and after much research we found an option that was both affordable and matched our skill level. We are absolutely thrilled with how the skylight turned out and of course it rained shortly afterwards. Success - no leaks! Cutting a hole in the roof turned out to not be as scary as we thought. We love our tinted side windows, as no one can see in the bus, but it does make it dark so the skylight really helps to bring in natural light.

This whole journey is a BIG learning curve for us. When we started we dived in before we really knew what we were doing, but that hasn’t always been a great method.  So now, even if we are itching to get started on a project, we take the time to research, then research a little more and then even some more.  This may mean things take longer but it is the best way to have a well built home. We now always read the instructions/directions/warnings (even if we think you know what you are doing), and carefully plan out the order and steps we must take to complete the project. 

After such success with our first skylight, we look forward to sharing the details with you as we put our 2nd skylight in.

Up Next

As we put in our 2nd skylight we break down the steps into a “How To Install a Skylight” video.

By Mela & Don

Mela and Don are sharing their journey as they make conscious decisions to live a more healthy, environmentally friendly life together.

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