Bus Build: Paint the Roof – S03E08

The weather is fast changing in the Midwest and with Winter approaching we decided we should get outside of the bus and work on the roof before temps drop below freezing.

We borrowed a power washer from our cousin, cleaned off the roof and while we were at it we decided it was time the whole bus got washed! We used a gasoline powered washer and it was powerful and did a great job. We had been watching the weather carefully and chosen to work over a period where the weather forecast predicted no rain. The next day we started covering up the windows to paint the roof. We were about halfway putting up the covers when it started to rain. The wind picked up and started pulling our covers down, so we just pulled them off and decided with rain in the forecast now for the next few days we should just go do something fun.

We learned that the fall foliage  was at its peak, so we headed out to Brown County to enjoy the colorful leaves and some down time before all the leaves disappear. The colors were truly magnificent and I’d highly recommend a visit here in Fall. It was drizzling all day with a fair amount of fog, which meant our trip to the Brown County State Park was crowd free and easy but it did mean all the vista lookout points were too hazy to enjoy. We made the best of it and had a fantastic day walking on the trails and collecting different colored leaves. We stopped off in the quaint village of Nashville​ for a bite to eat, enjoying traditional fall cuisine like hot soups and mulled wine. This is a charming little town with antiques, art, music and lots of fudge!

After a wonderful little getaway we came back to a rain free day and got to work painting the roof of the bus.  We used Henry’s Tropicool Roof Coating. It is a 100% Silicone Paint which is a wonderful sealant, water resistant and reflects the sun’s heat.

We have a lot more work that needs to be done on the roof, like a roof deck for the solar panels, putting in skylights and fans, but with the temperatures dropping we will have to move back inside and start hashing out the details of our floor design.


Up Next
As we start to nail down the details of our floorplan, we revisit the bus conversions that have inspired us.

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Henry's Tropicool Roof Coating
With Extreme Durability, & Superior Capabilities Of Sealing & Protection from the Sun’s UV Rays, Henry’s Tropicool is a must for all RV’s, Skoolies and Bus Conversions.


By Mela & Don

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