Bus Demolition Day 14: Sparks Fly!!! Seat Rail Removed

With the wooden floorboards and the glue removed, next up we needed to take out the seat rails to create a level surface for our new floorboards.  These rails were put in to attach the passenger seats down to the floor, but serve us no purpose. The rails are welded down about every 6 inches. Don got to use his favorite tool, the angle grinder, to cut through these welds.  Once the joins were weakened he was able to use a crowbar and a little brute force to pop the rails out.

He wore down all the blades we had on hand, so moved on to removing the surface rust on the metal frame where there had clearly been some water damage.  We used a 4 inch Gator Grit Paint and Rust Remover. It worked great! The metal shined right up and we were very pleased with this result. These wore down fast too, so it’s off to the hardware store again for us!


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Bosch Angle Grinder

We have used 4 angle grinders already on this job! 2 cheapo's from Harbor Freight (one sadly died) and 1 Robi which was cordless and the battery only lasts for so long. The best angle grinder we have used is a Bosch brand. It seems to have much more power and fortitude than the others.

4 inch Gator Grit Paint and Rust Remover

This has an extra course grit, an attachment for an electric drill and did a great job at removing surface rust from our metal frame.

By Mela & Don

Mela and Don are sharing their journey as they make conscious decisions to live a more healthy, environmentally friendly life together.

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