Bus Demolition Day 18: Now We Understand What Burn Out Is

Day 18 of demolition was our 6 year Anniversary as a couple, yet we were in the bus working hard on what was probably the sweatiest day yet. The temperature was in the 90’s (which means inside the bus it’s about 110 degrees Fahrenheit) with about 86 % humidity.

The metal frame was looking nice and shiny with the all the rust removed, all that was left to do was a final clean.  We vacuumed with our trusty ShopVac, and wiped it clean so it would be ready to paint.

Working on these floors has been the toughest part of the demolition.  We understand now why we have seen so many buses for sale that are only half converted (with just the floors in for example). People get burnt out and give up at this point.  But we will keep pushing through as we feel we have gotten over the hurdle and feel hopeful that things will get a little easier as we go.

Not only has it challenged us physically, but our relationship as a couple too. Our communication skills have had to improve, our patience and understanding of each other has grown.  We can see how couples can break up over a task like this, but for us it has actually brought us closer together.


Up Next
Next up we will coat the metal frame with Rustoleum and POR15.

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This has been our "Hero" tool. With the bus as filthy as it is, we needed a work horse shop vac. The one we are using is an older version of this one here.

By Mela & Don

Mela and Don are sharing their journey as they make conscious decisions to live a more healthy, environmentally friendly life together.

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