Bus Demolition Day 20: Floors? ✅. But that’s not the BIG NEWS

We completed the job of spray painting rustoleum onto the floor to protect and seal all the metal under our soon to be wood floors.  We went through about 12 cans of spray paint in total. At a later point, we will do the same thing on the walls and ceiling. There is a lot less rust however to deal with in those areas. 

Working on this project has taken me (Mela) completely out of my element. I have never done anything remotely like this before and I would never have chosen to convert a bus if it wasn’t for Don.  I started the project with a positive attitude and was having a lot of fun, but the novelty of what we were doing wore off pretty quick and the demolition just felt like a chore I had to do which I was not enjoying.  Each job felt worse than the last and the harsh humid Midwest Summer plus a cough that lasted more than a month didn’t help my spirit.  

Regardless we pushed through and learned to overcome obstacles together. Our communication improved and thus so were we able to support each other better.  During this tough journey it has become very apparent to me that we have found a very special relationship here and that I am in the right place and with the right person.  No matter what challenges we face in the build, as we begin to travel and in whatever our future holds, we will face it together.

So the BIG NEWS is that I proposed to Don and he said YES!  We decided there was no time like the present and we were going to get married as soon as possible, setting the date for just 2 weeks time! Don tends to go 200% once he’s decided to do something and he immediately jumped to it and started planning our wedding.  

But wedding to plan or not, the bus is still in need of a lot of work.


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Rustoleum Primer Paint

We used this Rustoleum primer to coat our metal floor beams. It is a durable protective coating with excellent rust prevention to be used on metal only.  It provides a base for excellent adhesion and withstands demanding, heavy-use environments.  

POR15 Rust Stop Kit

Por15 provides permanent rust protection, but is best for small areas.  We used this on the areas that contained the worst rust, while painted the rest of the bus with rustoleum. 

3M Respirator

This 3M Respirator provides 95% filter efficiency against solid and liquid aerosols as well as certain organic vapors, a must when applying the POR15 and Rustoleum application.

By Mela & Don

Mela and Don are sharing their journey as they make conscious decisions to live a more healthy, environmentally friendly life together.

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