Bus Demolition Day 4: Ceiling Removal

We started out with such enthusiasm and this is the day where things started to become…..well less fun.

We took down the ceiling metal panels and then rolled out as much of the fiberglass insulation as we could.  We quickly learned that we were not prepared. Teeny tiny bits of fiber glass were falling down on us. So without the proper protection we improvised.  We had caps to cover our hair and help protect our faces. We lacked the proper eye coverage and used swimming goggles, but this still worked because it sealed around our eyes.  You do not want to get fiberglass in your eyes! I learnt the hard way, unfortunately. Face mask to cover your mouth. Long sleeved t-shirt, believe me this stuff is falling down on you and it’s not pleasant.

I (Mela) have some neck problems/injuries, so for me spending hours looking and reaching up was tough.  I was not a happy camper, even though we were making progress this work was very hard on my body. I physically needed a break, so Don and his dad worked on removing the side air vents and side wall panels.

We started to see signs of a little surface rust.  It was disappointing, but I guess to be expected for a 24 yr old bus. You could tell from the rain we had been experiencing that there were some leaks in the ceiling where the insulation was a little wet. Nothing horrible, but it did mean more work for us to treat these areas.

We learned that some of the wires we cut, thinking they were for the speakers and tv in the luggage bins, were actually some of the side lights. It’s okay though because we have to rewire them anyway to fit into our walls and ceilings. 

Hopefully we are getting close to the end this demolition.


Up Next
Taking out the toilet and the black tank.  Yay, fun……...not!

By Mela & Don

Mela and Don are sharing their journey as they make conscious decisions to live a more healthy, environmentally friendly life together.

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