Bus Demolition Day 6: Design Talk and Wall/Vent Removal

The bus demolition is taking us much longer than we thought it would, but we are slowly making progress. We completed taking out the walls, side panels and air conditioning vents that run along the floor.  

There was a layer of fiberglass under the wall panels with this terribly sticky black tar-like glue that has become our enemy.  As hard as we tried, we all seemed to have this glue stuck to our clothes and skin by the end of the day. Under the fiberglass is a foam board insulation.  Taking the air vents out we discovered huge mounds of dust and filth. Our initial thought was let’s just remove everything we can and start from scratch to create a clean and healthy living space. However this foam insulation is in good condition and to remove them we’d actually have to remove the panels from the outside of the bus as the foam runs under the metal frame of the bus in some places and would be impossible to get out from the inside.  We decided to keep the foam insulation in the walls, but we will add some spray foam insulation on top of it to make sure we seal off any gaps and increase it’s R-value, as with the bus the way it is now it heats up to 120 Degrees Fahrenheit or more during the day. 

We are starting to get closer to finishing this bus demo and realizing we need to make decisions on design and budget. Until we get our new floors put in, we cannot make a final decision on the layout but we can work on our design theme. We have collected a ton of ideas on pinterest and are narrowing down an overall look, colors, flooring and more. 

We’ve had many discussions on what modern amenities we can live without and which ones are essential.  For us, having a well functioning kitchen is important as we cook 95% of our meals from scratch. We made our first purchase, a dishwasher!  

A few months ago if you had asked me I would have said a dishwasher was something we could live without, but after our glamping trip cross country with no running water and living for the past month without a dishwasher, I realized that this was something we needed.  

We did a lot of research and found an energy efficient dishwasher with low water usage.  Can’t wait to get it and share it with you!


Up Next
We do some cleaning up before we attack the floor demo, while the cats do their part to prepare for bus life!

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Insulation R-Value Chart - Great Day Improvements

By Mela & Don

Mela and Don are sharing their journey as they make conscious decisions to live a more healthy, environmentally friendly life together.

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