FLEXSTONE SHOWER for our Bus Conversion Part Two: Waterproofing and Wall Surrounds – S04E21

Last week we installed our Flexstone Shower base and cement backing board into the shower walls.  We just needed to install our Flexstone wall surrounds to really bring this shower to life.

But first, we had to complete our waterproofing.  Once the cement board was all up we used a Fiberglass Mesh Cement board tape in all the joints and cracks.  Then applied a flexible thin set mortar. It dries really fast so it is best to make small batches and work quickly.  Lastly we painted our shower walls with Hydraflex. It is a waterproof crack isolation membrane.  You may be familiar with the name Redgard for waterproofing showers. Hydraflex is basically the same thing, just a different brand that was available at our local hardware store.


Before installation we watched Flexstone’s installation videos on YouTube to prepare, but what we found really helpful during installation was to use the app called Bilt. Flexstone is one of the companies featured in this app where they give you 3D interactive step by step installation instructions.  This was a great way for us to pull up the instructions on our phone as we worked to make sure we weren’t forgetting anything.

You can cut the Flexstone wall panels with a utility knife or a jigsaw.  We found the jigsaw gave us the cleanest cuts and used the table saw occasionally too to get the straightest cuts.  After taking our measurements, we created cardboard (or paper) templates before cutting our panels just to make sure we didn’t make mistakes or waste any of our panel material. 

Flexstone kits are available for purchase, which we loved.  They send you everything you need - CF Tape (joint tape), adhesive, silicone, panels and trim.  We had the right amount of everything, no going back to the hardware store mid installation because you ran out of adhesive. 

The CF Tape is used in all the joints/seams.  We would fold the tape in half, cut to size, place a large line of adhesive on either side of the joint (about an inch away from the seam) and press the cf tape into the joint with a putty knife or corner trowel until it is flat and smooth.

We then peeled the plastic wrap off the edges of the panels but left it on the main body of the panel to protect it during installation. We placed generous beads of adhesive about 3 inches apart on our shower wall and pressed it into the wall.  You can lightly pound or we also used a roller where there was still plastic wrap on the panel to help it adhere.  Before and after installing panels, we  used silicone caulk in the seams and a wet finger to wipe away the excess.  You can also use denatured alcohol to remove any messes after it dries. The trim is then cut and glued in the same way.  Once trim is in we siliconed the bottom joint between shower base and walls/trim.

It really was an easy installation. The only complicated part for us was that we had made a complicated shower with lots of different parts to cut out. 

The end result is everything we ever wanted for this shower!  


Up Next
We are working on finishing the bathroom, starting the kitchen and the electrical system currently.  What will we share with you next time? Hmmmm.....one of those things.  We'll surprise you!

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Flexstone is a unique plastic composite material developed to achieve the look of natural stone, without the cost and maintenance hassles associated  with real stone. It is lightweight, durable and easy to install. Available in store and online at Menards, and online only at Lowes, Home Depot and Wayfair.

Bilt App
An app providing 3D Interactive Instructions. BILT’s 3D experts have mastered the art of instructions and are dedicated to enabling consumers and technicians alike to become wildly successful at even the most complicated tasks.

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