RV Trial Trip Pt 2…..Heaven on Earth

Starting to feel like we are becoming pros at RV living we head down the coastline towards our all time favorite spot, the otherworldly majestic region known as Big Sur.  We’ve learnt to empty the black tank, the cats are sleeping through the night and Don is driving this RV like he’s been doing it all his life so we are ready to make the winding turns down the Pacific Coast Highway.

Lovers Point Park in Monterey

We needed somewhere to stop for lunch, and finding somewhere to park the RV is not always easy when you are in a city but we really lucked out here with a spot right up against the ocean at Lovers Point Park .  We opened our windows and doors and let the cats listen to the waves crashing against the rocks, the seagulls cawing and smell the fishy ocean smells. This was their first time seeing the ocean!! We quickly whipped up some lunch in our tiny kitchen and then went to stretch our legs, it was brief though as we felt underdressed for the chilly ocean breeze and we were pretty excited to get to our campground in Big Sur.

Fernwood Resort in Big Sur

Big Sur is a rugged coastline known as the longest and most scenic stretch of undeveloped coastline in the United States. Each turn promises another stunning view and as expected it did not disappoint. We made our way down the steep driveway to the Fernwood Resort wondering if we could make it down if we were in a bigger vehicle.  It was even more heavenly than we imagined and turned out to be our favorite RV parking spot so far.  We were right next to a creek which provided a soothing running water soundtrack and right up against the Pfeiffer Big Sur State Park. One of the things we are noticing about RV living is that sometimes it’s fun to take your house with you and have your kitchen available, but we didn’t feel like taking the RV out and about exploring in Big Sur as it poses the problem of where do we park and can we make it down that road.  Luckily with this campground it offered us everything we needed for the couple days we were here and we chose this time to stay put in the park and enjoy what it has to offer. Towing a car behind us so we can go off and adventure with ease is on our must have list for the future.

We had no cell reception at all here, which was both wonderful to unplug and have no choice but to enjoy the outdoors, but Don did need to work.  In the morning he would walk up the long staircase to the restaurant and motel to use their wifi. While it was not a bad commute to work at all, it was still spotty and he was unable to get anything done.  Lesson learned, must plan for these situations.

We dipped our toes in the chilly creek water, went for a hike in the Pfeiffer Big Sur State Park which had an entrance right from the campground, did a much needed Pilates and Yoga workout and I (Mela) even found a stage to dance on.  We then made a campfire and relaxed (sans wifi) for the night. There are a ton of amazing places to visit in Big Sur, but for this trip it was less sightseeing and more about experiencing life in an RV.

A few months back Don had asked me “if you had absolutely no limitations, you had loads of money, no need for a job, where would you want to live?”  I very quickly responded Big Sur. It was a no brainer for me. We’ve visited Big Sur a few times and always been enamored by the area. Don excitedly replied “me too!”  So the good news is that we have similar taste and I think we will be very compatible in our search for a new home. The bad news is that the median home cost in Big Sur is $2,200,000!!!!  For fun we did a little search on Zillow while we were there to see if there was ANYTHING at all in our price range for sale.  There was not, but we did find a 240 sq ft studio cabin for $899,000. The other factor that makes this area hard to live in, is that fire and mudslides are a constant threat. In fact, the PCH was closed in and out of Big Sur for an entire year recently while they worked on repairing the road from a mudslide. Residents had to hike out to go buy their groceries. This happens periodically in Big Sur and I believe its residents have learnt to become fairly self-sustaining, but with climate change this is bound to happen more frequently. Heaven on earth does come with a price!


Up Next
Sadly our RV Trial trip is coming to an end soon, but we still have one more stop before heading back to LA.

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Lovers Point Park
Lovers Point Park is located at the foot of 17th Street in Pacific Grove, and is a landscaped community park of 4.4 acres. It is used for picnicking, fishing, swimming, water sports, and surfing.

Fernwood Resort
Fernwood Resort is located in the heart of Big Sur bordering Pfeiffer Big Sur State Park. They offer RV Camping, Camping, Cabins, Tents, Motel and Restaurant.

Pfeiffer Big Sur State Park
On the western slope of the Santa Lucia Mountains, the peaks of Pfeiffer Big Sur State Park tower high above the Big Sur River Gorge, where the Big Sur River enters this popular park. Walk along the banks of the river and among the redwoods, conifers, oaks, sycamores, cottonwoods, maples, alders and willows. Wildlife includes bobcats, black-tail deer, gray squirrels, raccoons, skunks, and birds, such as dippers and belted kingfishers

By Mela & Don

Mela and Don are sharing their journey as they make conscious decisions to live a more healthy, environmentally friendly life together.

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