We have to Stop the Bathroom Build – S04E23

Our plan for the week was to build our other bathroom wall, secure our toilet into place, build a toe kick and install our vanity, plus build a medicine cabinet. We got started on these tasks and then quickly realized we needed to STOP all work in the bathroom.  Here’s why….

We decided it was best for us to buy premade cabinets rather than build our entire Kitchen from scratch. Many people have recommended we go with IKEA cabinets, but after our many trips to Menards Hardware Store we discovered KLËARVŪE Cabinets.


Why we Chose to Buy Kitchen Cabinets rather than Build our Own

In our early days of planning and building the bus, we really wanted to build everything ourselves.  Why? Because then you can customize everything to fit your needs in a tiny space and you aren’t limited by what is available. 

Having already spent 2 years working on this build we realized that some things aren’t worth doing yourself.  I think what really helped sway our minds towards buying premade was when the cost of lumber doubled. The cost of making our own cabinets, the time it would take us to build them plus our lack of skills = not worth it for us.

We did decide to go with a sort of hybrid of premade plus some customization.  We will be making our own toe kick drawers so we don’t waste that space.  We will also build our upper cabinets but add premade door fronts to them that match the base cabinets.

Why We Chose KLËARVŪE over IKEA

OK first off I must tell you that this is in no way sponsored, nor did we partner with Menards or KLËARVŪE.  We just really like what KLËARVŪE have to offer and wanted to share as it is perhaps the lesser known of the two, at least I hadn’t heard of it before.

Their products seem to be pretty comparable in price and quality.  What swayed us towards KLËARVŪE was the variety of options they have, the cabinets can be bought without toe kicks (so we could build our own), the style of cabinet doors and drawer fronts and that Menards is much closer to us than IKEA.

They do have 3D software online that you can use to pick out what cabinets you want and design your space to scale, which we did first.  However, it was extremely helpful to go into the store and see cabinets in person and work with a sales representative.  They were able to show us how the cabinets are put together and make recommendations for what we were looking for.  

This was especially helpful for designing a small space.  For example they don’t make cabinets for mounting a tiny RV size dishwasher into, but the sales person was able to show us cabinets that we could modify and help us order only the parts of the cabinet we need to make this happen.

We have bought furniture from IKEA in the past where you have to completely assemble the whole cabinet. We only found out when we went to purchase our kitchen cabinets that KLËARVŪE cabinets come assembled, all you have to do is secure them to each other, add shelves and add doors and drawer fronts to them.  We weren’t planning on this!  Some of these cabinets would definitely not fit through our bus door.

Luckily we had only built half of our bathroom wall, which meant we could transfer the big cabinets through the large emergency exit bus window to get them into our kitchen.  That did mean that the bathroom build is on a pause now until we can get those cabinets inside!


Up Next

We’ve been working on our electrical system for a couple months now. Next week we’ll get you caught up on our learning process, planning and installing our Battle Born Batteries.

By Mela & Don

Mela and Don are sharing their journey as they make conscious decisions to live a more healthy, environmentally friendly life together.

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