A Break from the Bus Conversion//FRENCH LICK RESORT AND SPRINGS – S04E15

It has almost been 2 years of working on our bus conversion.  There have been challenges, we have been pushed to our limits and we have overcome a lot together.  While we are thrilled with where we are at in the build, after the passing of our cat, Zuri, it was time to take a real vacation.

We were both fully vaccinated for COVID19, at the time of travel, and the CDC had advised that fully vaccinated people could unmask.  The pandemic had made another layer on top of the stress of the bus build. Making the time to take a break, unwind and have some fun was very good for our mental health.

We chose to not travel too far as we adjusted to being in public spaces again, plus carefully chose a place with things we both wanted - me (Mela) a spa and Don a casino!


French Lick Resort

We chose the French Lick Resort ,in Indiana, as it offered  a spa, casino, pools, hot tub, restaurants and activities like hiking and bike rentals.  It sounded like a perfect place to relax and exercise.  Just because you are sweating, working hard and sore after bus work doesn't mean you are getting the exercise you need.

It was so much more than that though and we were pleasantly surprised.  With all the history of French Lick, the Springs and it's other sister resort (West Baden with it's domed architecture) it turned out to be a quirky little town and an interesting experience.

The video will speak for itself of the things to do in French Lick and some of the history that makes this place so intriguing BUT what we really wanted to share with the bus/skoolie/rv community is that we discovered that they offer RV Parking.

Follow this link and scroll to the bottom of the page to find out more. Whether you chose to go with hook ups or without, you get access the everything at the hotel including the gym and pools.  We didn't see a lot of RV's there (beginning of Summer Holidays), so I feel like this could be a hidden gem for those of you looking to find spots to explore in Indiana.

If you go there, let us know what you think!



Up Next
Feeling refreshed and rejuvenated from our week vacation, we dive back into bus work and try to complete our fully DIY Bedroom and Murphy Bed.

By Mela & Don

Mela and Don are sharing their journey as they make conscious decisions to live a more healthy, environmentally friendly life together.

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