AMATEUR Bedroom Design for BUS CONVERSION//We LOVE it! – S04E16

We’ve been working on our Murphy Bed and surrounding cabinets to secure the bed in its “UP” position for a while now.  The basic design was working out great so we were ready to start putting the finishing touches onto everything.

Ventilation is very important in a small space like this so we wanted to make sure our upper cabinets over the bed had good ventilation to store pillows and bedding. We decided to go with Cane Webbing.

We chose natural (unbleached) radio weave cane webbing to match the rest of our decor.  We made templates for our webbing out of paper first to ensure we cut the webbing to a size that would give us ample space to adhere it to our frames. We then soaked the webbing in lukewarm water for about 45 minutes.  This both makes it soft and easier to work with plus it expands slightly.

We then stapled the webbing into the cabinet door frame.  Pulling it tight but not too tight, as it dries it tightens up.  It was super simple to do and looks great!

You could add a trim on the inside to cover up the ends and staples but this was not a big concern for us at this point.  It doesn’t look bad and won’t be visible to all.  We absolutely love how it turned out.  

Once the cabinet doors were screwed into place with hinges and knobs to open them with, the space started to come alive.  We added some more trim work but lost steam…..or perhaps it was that there was too much steam???  Basically we were in extreme heat and humidity and got frustrated with the other finishing touches like the magnetic push to open doors in the bedside towers that weren’t working.

While we had some things to figure out with those push to open doors, we decided it was just time to move on to getting our electrical system in place so we can use the air conditioning inside the bus.



Up Next
We install our Solar Panels.

By Mela & Don

Mela and Don are sharing their journey as they make conscious decisions to live a more healthy, environmentally friendly life together.


  1. Hi Mela and Don!
    Love your channel. You are both so entertaining. DIY projects are just that- try them then redo. Looking forward to watching your continuing progress. Go slowly so you don’t burn out.

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