Bus Demolition Day 1: Overhead Bin Removal

We have settled into our temporary dwelling, Don’s parents basement.  Yup, we are in our 40’s and moving back in with the folks! We are so grateful for this support as it allows us time and space to make this conversion happen.  And now we begin to build our dream bus.

We started with taking down the overhead luggage bins. It turns out the luggage bin is basically supported by one long aluminum beam.  So the whole side must come down at once. The restroom wall needed to come out first for us to get to the back end of the luggage bins.  We just started taking any parts of the bins off that we could, until we found the screws that held the bins up to the ceiling and side wall. There are a lot of wires to all the lights, speakers and tvs in the bins and the restroom, all these need to be cut before the bin comes down.  

Be warned, if you are watching this as a guide to do your own conversion, these bins are heavy!  It was a real family affair (it took 4 of us) and took some serious teamwork getting these heavy bins down safely.  You can’t quite tell in the video as it’s sped up, but when enough screws have been taken out it begins to fall from its own weight. So be prepared. 


Up Next
We figure out how to get these 20 ft aluminum beams out of the bus, because they are not going to make it out the front door!

By Mela & Don

Mela and Don are sharing their journey as they make conscious decisions to live a more healthy, environmentally friendly life together.

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