Bus Demolition Day 2: Bin Breakdown

Having managed to get the luggage bin down on one side of the bus, we set ourselves the task of figuring out how to break them down into smaller pieces and get them out of the bus.  There were a lot of wires to cut, fluorescent bulbs to carefully take out, and at times it required some brute force to pull or kick parts off the aluminum bar.  

It turns out the aluminum bar had one join in it.  Once you have taken any small parts off, you can break it down into 2 sections.  They are still rather long though and we propped open the windows to carefully take them out. We are trying to keep whatever parts of the bus we can to reuse, recycle the aluminum and stainless steel, give away the lightbulbs and speakers, and hopefully this will minimize what has to go into a landfill.

We began prepping the luggage bin on the other side to come down. We didn’t get much done but because it started raining and we had to close all the windows and emergency exits in the ceiling.  This meant it became dark and hot very quickly in the bus. We had not anticipated how much weather would play a role in when and how long we could work in the bus.


Up Next
We take down the luggage bins on the opposite side like pros!

By Mela & Don

Mela and Don are sharing their journey as they make conscious decisions to live a more healthy, environmentally friendly life together.

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