Bus Demolition Day 11: If All Else Fails……Clean!

Before we can start putting down our new floor, we need to prep the metal frame. There is glue still stuck on the frame from the original floorboards we took out. We want to remove all the glue to have a clean and level surface to lay down our new plywood floors.

Ugh, this was not easy! This glue was made to stick and stick it did! We decided to just experiment with different methods.  

First we tried a heat gun, which did very little. Then an angle grinder, which worked but it was not ideal as it is grinding into the metal too. Last we tried the Multi Tool, and this was the clear winner.

It worked, but it was still a slow and tedious job which was hard on our lower backs, knees and hips as we spent all day crouched over. While we were initially thinking we would wait until the glue was removed to do our cleaning with the handy Shopvac, we changed our minds and decided it was worth cleaning before glue removal and after again as there was so much debris from the floorboard removal. 

We also decided to try putting down Citristrip, a striping gel, on top of the glue. It said you can leave it on for up to 24 hrs, so it was worth testing out an area and coming back the next day to see if it along with the Multi tool would make this glue removal go a little faster.


Up Next

The Citristrip was a success!  


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Speed Oscillating Multi-Tool Kit

We've already found this helpful with other tasks, but removing glue from the metal frame is it's latest feat!  Just as the name says it has many uses and can be used for cutting, sawing, trimming, grinding and sanding. I'm sure we will be using it again in the future!


This has been our "Hero" tool. With the bus as filthy as it is, we needed a work horse shop vac. The one we are using is an older version of this one here.


This stripping gel can be used on wood, metal and masonry surfaces.  We used it to remove the glue from the metal frame. There are no harsh fumes so it can be used indoors.

By Mela & Don

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