Bus Demolition Day 12: Glue Removal and We Bought Our Flooring!

The previous day Don had painted Citristrip on top of the glue on the metal frame of the floor of the bus. With the use of the Multi tool  we were able to get the glue off much quicker!  So we went ahead and painted the rest of the glue with the Citristrip.

We had to let it sit for another 24 hours before we could get back to work so we took a trip to the hardware store to start gathering ideas for our interior design. We are hoping to find as much salvaged and reclaimed materials as possible for the build, but just by window shopping we are able to see the possibilities as we settle on the overall look we are going for.

We had settled on the decision to use waterproof vinyl planks for our flooring.  These are durable and easy to install. We ordered samples online and learned that they look extremely different in person than on the computer screen. Plus the tiny samples don’t give you a feel for all the variations in texture and color (especially in the wood designs we were looking at. 

We had been looking at flooring over the last month or so. Even though it is one of the last things we will put down, it will be a major feature in our bus and will influence the rest of our design.  It was exciting to find a flooring we both loved. We found these weathered pine planks that we both really loved that were reasonably priced and were on sale. We didn’t hesitate to buy it.


Up Next

Back to the never ending glue removal . . . . 


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Speed Oscillating Multi-Tool Kit

We've already found this helpful with other tasks, but removing glue from the metal frame is it's latest feat!  Just as the name says it has many uses and can be used for cutting, sawing, trimming, grinding and sanding. I'm sure we will be using it again in the future!


This stripping gel can be used on wood, metal and masonry surfaces.  We used it to remove the glue from the metal frame. There are no harsh fumes so it can be used indoors.

By Mela & Don

Mela and Don are sharing their journey as they make conscious decisions to live a more healthy, environmentally friendly life together.

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