Everything Changed for us This Week – S04E13

Our week started out with a feeling of accomplishment as we installed our LED mood lighting. A few months ago Don began prepping for this job and with our lighting finally arriving we could complete the job.

A few months ago Don cut 1x2’s at an angle and mounted them into our furring strips.  These 1x2s act as the brace to attach our barnwood trim where the wall meets the ceiling. The angle allows the trim piece to direct the mood lighting up into the ceiling. 

All our mood lighting supplies came from LEDSupply, they offer everything you need to set the scene.  We used 12V LED Strip lights with a wireless remote and dimming controller. We attached an Aluminum Track with a  light diffuser to our 1x 2 brace.  

 You simply peel and stick the strip lights to the track’s flat surface which both helps to spread the light evenly and protects the light strips.

We got all the necessary connectors and accessories from LEDSupply to set up our system just how we wanted it. We are thrilled with how this trim area turned out. It adds a layer of sophistication and helps create length in our space as the trim will runs all the way down the passenger side of our bus.

We will also be using LED Strip Lights in our luggage bays. The bus does have lights in the luggage bays but the bus battery must be on in order for these to work.  While we are parked and camping the bus battery will be turned off. So we opted to wire strip lights to our house batteries using a Motion Activated 12-24v Switch so that as soon as we open the luggage bay the motion will turn the lights on. 

LEDSupply does also offer the option to power this with a 8AA battery pack. We will also wire these luggage bay lights to have a switch close to the driver’s seat so when we are traveling we can easily turn these lights off as there may be movement in the luggage bays as we drive and this way we will not be constantly drawing power from them.

Our week then took a turn.  Our beautiful cat, Zuri, passed away.  She was 19 years old, she lived a wonderful life but it was just her time. She was the best companion and we dearly miss her already.


Up Next
We keep working on sanding, staining and painting our bedroom, but between the grief and exhaustion we are facing we decide to take a vacation instead.

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By Mela & Don

Mela and Don are sharing their journey as they make conscious decisions to live a more healthy, environmentally friendly life together.

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