OFF GRID Solar & Electric TOUR // RV • Tiny Home • Bus Conversion with Battle Born Batteries

Over the past two years we’ve been converting our 1996 MCI D3 bus into a tiny home on wheels. We just moved into our bus complete with running hot and cold water yeah a murphy
bed convertible couch custom space for our cats oh he’s going in workspaces for ourselves and a complete electrical and solar system so we can stay off grid in our upcoming travels
now if you’ve been watching our channel you’ll know that we don’t normally go into too much technical detail but . . .

As first time bus converters we know just how daunting the electrical system can be so we thought we’d make a few technical videos to share with you what we’ve learned over the past couple years about solar electrical and off-grid living.

In this video we share a brief overview of our entire electrical and solar system, get into a
little more details and that way we can share each and every component we use for our system and then in the and in the final part i’ll give you some advice and things i wish i would have known when we first started to put together our solar and electric power for a bus.

We are an amateur couple who have spent the last 3 years building our tiny dream home, complete with a solar and electric system for off grid living inside a 1996 MCI D3 40-foot bus. One of the most complicated and intimidating parts of building our bus conversion was understanding the solar, batteries, and electrical system so we could live off grid in our upcoming adventures.

WATCH the interior build series on YouTube

We have listed our main Solar, Battery, and Electric components below, but for a complete detailed list visit the recourse page.

Battle Born Batteries
Smart Solar Charge Controllers 
Lynx Distributor Fused Bus Bar 
DC-DC Charger
Inverter Chargers
Breaker Box 
Battery Guardian 
Battery Monitor & Shunt 
Cerbo GX 

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