Redi Shade Blackout Shades for our BUS CONVERSION – S04E55

We have seen a lot of different options for window coverings in bus/van/skoolie conversions.  Not only do they need to create privacy but blocking out light and heat is essential in a home on wheels.  Having a big bus with lots of windows, it was also important to us to have something that is really quick and easy to use.  Curtains or blinds that take time to lift/lower/open/close were very unappealing. This is why we chose to go with Redi Shade’s Easy Lift Cellular Blackout Shades.

They have an inner cell liner that blocks 99% of the heat and light and are cordless making them easy to just push up or pull down really fast.  They are also super easy to install!

All you do is measure the inside of your window frame, cut your shade down to size with a kitchen knife (using the provided guide), remove the cover of the double side tape and adhere the shade to your window frame.  Done.

So easy! 

We custom made our window frames to allow a 1 ½ inch frame at the top for the shade to adhere to.  The side and bottom frame we scribed the depth of our walls so the frame is flush with the wall and then covered each side with window trim.  In a home on wheels you also have to consider condensation on the windows.  We used some GORILLA mounting tape (which is about 1/8th of an inch thick)  on the frame of the bus windows to create a thermal and moisture break from our wooden window frames.  Just a small amount of tape keeps the wood from touching the metal frame. 

Now if we were in a regular house the install would be done, but being in a moving vehicle there are some other things to consider.  While driving the shades will rattle and if you aren’t parked on level ground the shades could swing away from the window when closed.  We decided to use magnets to secure the shades in place, by placing metal tape at the top and bottom of the window and magnets on the backside of the shade so it can be secured in place where it is open or closed.

The visual transformation after installing our shades was the most satisfying of all the projects  so far. Not only are these going to play an important role in temperature control in our bus home, but they look modern and sleek. We couldn't be more happy with our shades.


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Redi Shade
Explore their entire collection of shades here and learn where to buy them here.

Small Round Magnets
Small magnets that can easily be hidden on the back of the shade.  We used 3 on each side.

White Metal Tape
The magnets adhere to this metal tape.  We chose white to match our white window frames.

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