Secret Cat Litter Box Room//BUS CONVERSION – S04E53

While we are so ready to just move in and start traveling, we still have a giant to-do list of things that must happen first to make things comfortable for us and the cats.

Completing the Cat Litter Box Room is definitely one of those things.  On either side of the couch we built armrests that also have storage, stainless steel cup holders and house power outlets we can use for charging phones, ipads, laptops etc.

The one armrest is also the entrance to our cat room which is in the luggage bay below, which we named the Catsita (derived from the Spanish word Casita - small house)  this week.  Thanks Carol for that clever name!

The Catsita armrest has a cat door which they can easily push open but we can also lock it so when we open the luggage bay to clean the litter box the cats can’t get down.  They have a ramp with carpet that they can grab onto with their claws to enter the litter box, plus storage in there for extra litter, trash can, scooper and cleaning supplies.

The armrest also includes a space for their water fountain, which we lined with leftover Flexstone we used in our Shower as they tend to splash the water out and want to protect the wood, and space for their dry food bowl.

While the room is now functional we still want to make some additions that will make it even better - an exhaust fan to pull smells out and put the litter box on slides so we can slide it out of the bay to change the litter with ease.


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