Easy Kitchen Cabinet Install in our Bus Conversion – S04E29

We've talked in the past about why we chose pre-made kitchen cabinets over building them ourselves. We have DIYed pretty much everything else in our bus conversion, but at this point in our build we were so happy with our decision.

Klëarvūe Cabinetry was so easy to install, everything went together really quickly.  We love the soft close drawers and doors and the hardware is well made and built to last. They provide cabinet connectors (to connect each cabinet to the one next to it) but being in a moving vehicle we also screwed our cabinets into our DIY toe kick brace (which is screwed into our floors) AND into the metal beam in the bus wall.

We also started experimenting with a worm farm so we can continue to compost our food scraps as we travel.  This is an experiment that we are currently living with as a trial.  We keep our worm farm inside the house (in the future it will be in the bus luggage bay). So far so good, no smells or fruit flies but we will update you more on this after we have lived with it for a while.  It is important to us to be responsible nomads. Living full time on the road doesn't mean you need to be wasteful. We hope to be able to continue keeping methane producing food scraps out of the landfill and to still recycle on the road.

We are in the home stretch, things are really moving along, but we have also finally made it to Mela's surgery date.  As she heads off to the hospital, we wonder if we will be able to keep up the pace of our bus build.


Up Next
As Mela rests and recovers from surgery, Don tries to keep up with bus work while taking on the role of caretaker too.

By Mela & Don

Mela and Don are sharing their journey as they make conscious decisions to live a more healthy, environmentally friendly life together.

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