Toe Kick Drawers in our Bus Conversion Kitchen – S04E28

We bought pre-made cabinets for our kitchen by Klëarvūe Cabinetry, but we wanted to make our own toe kicks so we could build drawers into them.  This way we could utilize as much space as possible in our kitchen. Learn more about why we chose Klëarvūe Cabinetry here

We first built a frame for our toe kicks and secured the frame to the floor with L brackets (because our walls are not straight lines). We then installed 16 Inch push to open drawer slides and drawers, finally placing a top brace/shelf over the drawers that the cabinets will sit on. This way we can push these drawers open with our feet as they sit back 3 inches under the cabinets.

We will be adding some handles to these drawers, the push to open slides shoot the drawer out the depth of the cabinets but will need a handle to pull it out further.

We did have to cut a big hole in our corner cabinet for our electrical to run through, but next week we will be installing our cabinets on top of the toe kicks.

We were also able to finish our mood lighting this week, with LED light strips from LEDSupply, running all the way down the length of the bus. We had accidentally ordered only half of what we needed for the job, now that the 2nd order had arrived we were able to quickly finish that job.  I can tell you from living in the bus for 2 weeks that these lights were our preferred evening lighting.  We are very glad we added these!  For more info on the lights and tracks we used, please check out this blog.


Up Next
Our kitchen starts to come alive just before Mela heads to the hospital for surgery.

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Push to Open Drawer Slides
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